we plant

we cherish

we build with love

... our natural paradise IN costa rica

Terra NaturaMa

Attention nature lovers -


Are you looking for a relaxing rejuvenating vacation or a jungle adventure  and even more?

With us ...


  • Tropical warm temperatures all year ( leave your sweatters at home)

  • A 30 <minute drive takes you to the beautiful beaches of the Caribean Ocean

  •  and the pristine jungle landscape is right at your doorstep.

  • Order a healthy breakfast - nutritious Brunch - or a warm dinner

  • Private yoga lessons with Andrea

  • And James will take you on exciting nature tours. 

Hola, this is us

James, Andrea and Lola 

We've been living on the Caribbean coast in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle since 2021.


This is PURA VIDA!

Life here is incredibly exciting. And relaxing at the same time! Because we feel freer than ever before. Everything: nature, people and the variety of animals have fascinated us from the very beginning. We would like to share our enthusiasm for this paradise with you!