Everything there is to know

  • Q Which airport should I choose? 
  • A San Jose
  • Q What is the best way to get to you? 
  • A Either you rent a car, which is the easiest way, or you take the bus.
  • Q Where do I change money? Or is it better to withdraw it in Costa Rica?
  • A It is best to withdraw money directly with your credit card in Costa Rica. Then you won't have to pay such high exchange fees. You will find an ATM right at the airport at baggage claim.
  • Q How much does the bus ride to you cost?
  • A About $13
  • Q How far is the beach from you?
  • A About 35 minutes by car.
  • Q Can I also go on excursions by bus?
  • A Yes, after a half-hour walk you can reach the bus stop and go to Puerto Viejo or Bri Bri, for example.
  • Q Are there any dangerous animals in the jungle?
  • A We live here in the middle of nature and there are also poisonous animals, but the possibility of getting into a dangerous situation is extremely low.
  • Q How far is the nearest bus stop?
  • A Depending on your fitness level, about 30 minutes on foot.
  • Q Where is the nearest supermarket and how far away from the guest house?
  • A The nearest supermarket is El Angel in Catarina, approx. 4 km from us.