Hola! This is us ...


  • Growing up in South Africa, James discovered his love of wilderness at an early age and experienced many nature adventures as a child.
  • His big dream was always to build his own house in nature and to "live off the grid" - free and independent!
  • In 2019, James made this dream come true for himself and his family in Costa Rica.
  • A small piece of paradise emerged from a wild plot of land in the middle of the jungle.
  • Anyone who looks around will see his passion for crafts with wood everywhere: James built almost all of the furniture himself with a lot of love.
  • In his "previous life" James enthusiastically worked as a tour guide and safari guide in southern Africa.
  • Now he is really looking forward to showing you his new home, Costa Rica.
  • For James, it is particularly important to ensure that Terra NaturaMa guests have a wonderful, unforgettable time. A time that makes holiday dreams come true for people who love and want to discover life in pristine nature.


  • Andrea discovered and experienced her love of traveling and nature early on.
  • As well as her passion for yoga, music, singing and dancing - preferably together with other people!
  • Andrea has been a yoga teacher for more than 10 years, leads online yoga classes in German and now offers yoga retreats in Costa Rica.
  • Here, in Terra NaturaMa, Andrea discovered a new love: that of plants! Andrea almost exclusively grew the many beautiful flowers and fruit trees herself from seeds. They have now grown into a fantastic jungle garden.
  • Andrea's heartfelt wish is to create a place to recharge here so that more and more people can (re)discover the connection to nature and themselves.
  • With Terra NaturaMa, Andrea also offers all seminar leaders a wonderful place to spend an unforgettable seminar time with their groups. All are welcome!

This is how Terra NaturaMa came into being

How it all began...


Purchase of our property

It was in 2019. We fell in love with this country during a Costa Rica vacation and soon afterwards bought our property in the jungle there.


It had always been our dream to build a winter home for the future. We just didn't know where. After experiencing Costa Rica, we were sure: we wanted to live here, or at least spend the winter.


The decision as to which place to choose was not easy for us. After three days of continuous hiking through the large area where properties were being sold, we finally decided on our dream property and named it Terra NaturaMa, which to us means something like our land with Mother Nature. - A short time later, the first clay samples were taken to see how good the soil was. We began to put the first plants in the ground.



When choosing the property, we consciously decided against the hustle and bustle on the coast because we wanted to enjoy this beautiful piece of land in the middle of nature in peace and quiet. What was initially intended as a winter escape ultimately became, due to the circumstances in Germany, a place to take a break where we would spend a year and begin to realize our project.QA 

This is how it started back then:


Our open-living house is being built - it's starting! Yay!

After James had already been alone in Costa Rica for a few months and had done very good preparatory work there, we, Andrea, Anita and Nikola were finally able to join us in February 2020. We worked diligently on our house. There weren't any real places to sleep yet, but there was enough space on our platform for mattresses and mosquito nets. There wasn't a proper toilet yet, so we showered under the water tower.



James is flying over in mid-January 21, and by the time I arrive 5 weeks later, a lot has happened. A bedroom and a bathroom have been created under our platform. A couch is being built so that our beautiful table can finally be used. Great helpers are on site! And when I finally get there, there's a lot of painting going on - really a lot, because the concrete absorbs so much paint despite being primed that we almost despair!

How it goes on? - It stays exciting!